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Kit Harington Read The Final Game Of Thrones Scripts, Says Ending Made Him Cry

For Game of Thrones fans, anticipation over the approaching eighth and final season is enough to show stomachs into knots. For eight years—almost a decade!—we’ve been following the incompatible kingdoms of Westeros, go to Khaleesi’s relentless queenlike ferocity (and icy winter fashion, and Pt waves), and falling a small bit infatuated with IKEA-rug-wearing Jon Snow, contend by Kit Harington.


Apparently, Harington’s fair-haired being on the show the maximum amount as we’ve fair-haired looking him it, and he is quite torn up regarding however it all ends.
“I’m very emotional regarding it. we have a tendency to had the read-through last week, therefore i do know everything,” he told “The One Show” on. “I cried at the end—not over something explicit that happened—but it has been eight years, and nobody cares regarding it quite we have a tendency to do.”


“It’s been establishment|an establishment} longer than the other institution I’ve been in,” he-of-the-perfectly-wavy-hair-even-in-blizzards continuing. “School, drama faculty, anything. i buy somewhat tearful pondering it. It’s about to be an odd year voice communication good-by to everybody and having last scenes with this person which person. Not solely you’re connected to that, different folks round the world ar connected to that.”


(Well, not everyone: he will not be voice communication good-by to fiancée Rose Leslie, World Health Organization contend his former love Ygritte on the show. Ah, Game of Thrones, you’re employed in howling ways that.)

According to a Guardian profile regarding Harington printed on Sabbatum, Jon Snow was a task he auditioned for shortly once drama school—so there isn’t any doubt that this can be a tough one to steer far from (though the show did not really come out for one more four years once he tried out).