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Katie Holmes simply Debuted a spick-and-span Pixie

For someone who’s been within the limelight since Dawson’s Creek ventilated, Katie Holmes has unbroken her look remarkably constant. Some things during this world area unit simply reliable: Bella Thorne can (probably) keep compounding her vogue up till the tip of your time, and Katie Holmes can continue wanting nice in stripes and jeans. She is aware of herself, and power to her—especially as a result of, out of obscurity, she simply cut all her hair off and got a spick-and-span pixie. currently that’s a knowing yourself move.

The first photos of her new cut come back to US from the aerodrome, as Holmes was inbound in big apple. you recognize if one thing appearance smart beneath those lights, it’s attending to be spectacular everyplace else. She quickly lined her new hair beneath her black hat, however from the look we have a tendency to got, it’s sort of a long pixie. therefore in contrast to Cara Delevingne’s equally shorn-all-around vogue, Holmes still has some length to figure with. however this is not Holmes’ initial time within the pixie ring: She went even as short back in 2008 and appeared like the definition of gamine. Clearly, she and her stylists apprehend what they are doing.

Holmes is not the only 1 to leap on this trend; pixies area unit taking drugs on celebrities quite ever. This year alone we have seen Kate Hudson, Katy Perry, and each biochemist and throwing stick Dr. attempt going short (temporarily and fewer so). The proof is within the Pinterest: in line with the platform, searches for asymmetrical pixies area unit up quite one hundred twenty p.c to this point this year. because of Holmes, that is most likely not attending to amendment anytime before long.