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Customary Food and Drink in Bolivia

We consider ‘meat and potatoes’ cooking as exhausting, and keeping in mind that it depicts cooking in Bolivia well, the nourishment here is definitely not dull. Expect an extensive variety of meat with a lot of extraordinary flavors and flavors, washed down with customary, irregular refreshments.

This is what you have to think about nourishment and drink in Bolivia.

Nourishment in Bolivia


Breakfast is a significant relaxed undertaking, numerous bistros in Bolivia serving a choice of hacked organic products secured with yogurt, with a scope of garnishes like nuts, nectar, or gelatin.

You may likewise discover Salteñas, meat and potatoes heated into buns with a sweet or hot sauce. These are similarly as filling as they sound.


You’ll discover a lot of nourishment slows down in Bolivia offering buns for the duration of the day, offering various types of meat and extra fillings like cheddar and fricasseed onions.

Different alternatives incorporate anticucho (meat hearts flame broiled on a stick), salchipapa (meagerly cut singed frankfurter), and chorizo sandwiches.

Bolivia is the place the potato was first developed, so you’ll see it presented with essentially everything.


Have you at any point eaten llama? This is your possibility!

Eateries in Bolivia serve it as a customary dish, alongside guinea pig. These will accompany llajhua, a fiery sauce somewhat like Mexican salsa.

On the off chance that you don’t favor those, meat and chicken are similarly as normal. Supper in Bolivia frequently comprises of arouse a lo macho, barbecued lumps of meat in a fiery sauce, or silpancho, hamburger beat into a thin patty and presented with an egg to finish everything.

Vegan alternatives

It is conceivable to discover vegan nourishment in Bolivia in the event that you know where to look. Huge urban communities have a couple of veggie eateries, and markets will offer things like browned potatoes, rice, eggs, and serving of mixed greens at a decent cost.

Drink in Bolivia


The most customary mixed drink in Bolivia is chicha de colla. It’s produced using matured corn and alcoholic from an adjusted bowl. Usually you’ll spill some on the ground prior and then afterward drinking as an offering to the Inca earth goddess Pachamama, yet some vacationer bars in Bolivia may not be excited about that.

Bolivia has various nearby lagers, the most famous brands being Paceña and the marginally more costly Huari. You’ll discover these in many bars and eateries.

Bolivia additionally creates its own wine from vineyards in the Tarija district. You can visit the wineries themselves, or pitch up at one of the many wine bars in Bolivia to attempt a tipple or two.


In case you’re not intrigued by overwhelming drinking in Bolivia, it offers a lot of choices: juice bars, shakes, and other peculiar creations are accessible in plenitude.

Conventional beverages incorporate Licuado (water or drain mixed with leafy foods), mocochinchi (peaches and flavors fermented together in water), and programming interface (a corn-based drink which is more delectable than it sounds).

Be somewhat cautious when you’re requesting drinks in Bolivia, as even blameless looking juice drinks are infrequently mixed with a dose of something alcoholic. Watch out for what’s being poured!

You’ll additionally locate some extraordinary, crisp espresso in Bolivia, in spite of the fact that the quality can fluctuate.

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